He was a type that lived in the past ages. The smell of his skin tasted like he got into a fight with a dragon, but in this day in age there were no dragons to be seen. Unless you read about them in story books.
I could not keep my eyes off of him when he walked through the door to the restaurant. I was in the very back trying to hide from everyone. I just had to get ideas from people. The writing muse was being mad at me for taking so long that it failed me. People watching sometimes made the muse happy and then I would write for days. Not today, I only got two pages and then he walked in.
I didn’t notice him at first, but the smell of dragon got my brain running. I could not fandom why that smell was so familiar to me. I never seen or touched a dragon, ever.
A friend of mine believed that the dragons, fairies, dwarves, and other such people were still alive today, but formed to look more human because of the mixing of the DNA. I thought he was just being funny until I started watching people and writing down the way they looked.
I looked up to see that he did not look anywhere near looking like a dragon. He was pure human looking. No medieval looking DNA mixed in his blood. He had short red hair that the wind outside had fun messing up and eyes that sparkled. Not like “Twilight” sparkle, but without no sun sparkle. I thought he winked at me, but how could he when he was looking at the counter in front of him and I was to his far left.
My heart beat jumped a couple of notches and goose bumps formed on both of my arms. I rubbed them to calm my nerves before I jumped up and out of the restaurant like a scared animal. I was no animal and scared nerves were not going to win this time.
I watched him order and then sit not far from the counter. He must have it to go due to no drink. I could not keep my eyes off of him. He looked up and I glanced down at my writing. This was why I was here, but my mind went back to him and the faint smell of dragon.
What was wrong with me? I knew in my head that this was not right, but it felt to true to be real. It was really happening. I looked up just in time to see him go. I jumped up and scared the people around me. I said I was sorry and grabbed my stuff in a rush, which was a juggling act due to I spread out when I write.
I glance out one of the windows to see the stranger walk across the street. He lived near here and I didn’t know him? Strange. I thought I knew everyone in this one horse town, they called it. The town was very small, about 800 people total called it home. This stranger was one of us and I did not know it. What else secrets he had, I wondered?
I followed him to the next corner and then lost him. How? He must have ducked in a corner when he turned. I just stood there like a lost person, because I was. I wanted to know more about the stranger and why did I smell dragon from him. How did I know it was the smell of dragon? He must have the answers I was looking for, because he was gone. Nowhere to be seen. I hung my head down and shifted my stuff in hand better. I walked back to the restaurant to get in my car. He could walk home, but I lived on the other side.

When I got to the car and unlocked the door, I found a note in my seat.

“Where you look, you will not find what you seek. It hides inside and only the key will open the lock. Find the key inside yourself and I will be there on the other side.”