I maybe new at blogging and helping my fellow authors, that maybe return the favor when I get published, but this is the reason I do this. No, not the giveaway, but the level of appreciation that the authors have for all the things that the bloggers do for them. I am happy to be part of this big circle of “LOVE” that goes around and comes around.

Colleen Hoover

The first few months after the release of SLAMMED last January, it was, to say the least, exciting.  I wasn’t selling many books.  Maybe two or three a day, but it was two or three more than I would have sold had I never sat down and wrote the book.  It was mind boggling to me that someone out there in the world was reading something I created. I made about thirty cents per book at the time, so my husband and I were absolutely stoked that we might be able to pay the water bill with my book income.  We were very easy to please.

Then something happened that completely changed things.  I can’t say it happened overnight, since it was a chain of events that led up to this point, but it sure seemed overnight.  A random reader (Hi, Christina!) read Slammed and loved it.  In turn, she…

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