Title: Tears of Tess

Author: Pepper Winters

Genre: Erotic/Dark Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 30, 2013

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A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance, not suitable for people sensitive to grief, slavery, and nonconsensual sex. A story about finding love in the strangest of places, a will of iron that grows from necessity, and forgiveness that may not be enough.

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.
Then it all changed.
I was sold.”

Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with possibility.

For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world.

But lusty paradise is shattered.

Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror.

Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t save her from the horror of being sold.

Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever?


Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero the better and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex.

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby (who speaks French—hot!) who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. She loves to hear from her readers so hit her up








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My Review:

When I started reading this book, I was wondering why Tess was still with this guy when she wanted more than this guy could give?

The answer is simple…..As females, we believe we can change the males of our lives. I, as a female, still can not comprehend why we do it, because even today knowing it will not work, I still try to change the males in my life.

Toilet seats are still in the air, milk is still drank out of the carton, and rough housing still happens in the house. Those boys know all of that is something I would love to change about the male species and try to every day.

It is human nature for females to try to change the males that they find. We, females will never change so the male species has something that they try to change about the female species. I know there are many things the males would love to change about us females. Take a hint from me, males and females will not change unless they want to.

Tess, as a character, changed through out the book. She was a girl that wanted more in the beginning, but settled then changed into a woman knowing what she wants and having the courage to take it.

Q, on the other hand, has not changed as a character. I believe if Tess was in his life more, he would change into someone that can love. Q does something that takes a lot of courage to do, which there are very few who do what Q does.

This is the second book of this year that got me not knowing what to say about it. This, in it’s self, is very rare for me. I have lots to say about a book. I guess that is the reason I’m writing a book but has not finished because I am my own worst critic. The first book that made me speechless was “Dark Hearts” by T. R. Stoddard. I am still full of mixed feelings about this book.

I wanted to scream at Tess when she was being agreeable with her boyfriend, Brax. Then the kidnapping sent me into a rage to want to save and stop all the madness that Tess was going through. I felt one person, let alone many people, should not have to go through what Tess did.

The words “SOLD” and “BROKEN” are quiet words. They are words that just roll off the tongue with no meaning implyed. No one should have to feel those two words to associate themselves to. No one should be “SOLD” or “BROKEN”.

5 Stars


Guest Post:

“How to Avoid the Rejection Blues?”

This is rather apt considering I spent the last two days in a slump after receiving my first bad reviews. It’s hard as a writer to put out your baby that you’ve slaved over, and cried over, and to have people hate it.

And no matter how much you remind yourself everyone has their own opinion and it’s not a personal thing, it’s still heart-breaking. Hopefully my skin will get thicker as time goes on, but I couldn’t have got through the last few days without the incredible support team of bloggers and beta readers who told me to stop being low and focus on the positive.

It’s important to remember that you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try. The best thing to do is write a book YOU want to write. Develop characters that YOU want to develop and create a story that makes YOU passionate. There will be plenty of people who love the story that you love, but there will also be those who don’t. And, that’s okay.J

My advice—don’t take it personally, or avoid Goodreads all together. LOL


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