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Review: I am shocked at how many feelings that this book shook out of me. I was laughing at all the humor between the to people of this book was about and the jokes they were apart of due to Keagan’s family. Then there was the feeling of loss when the characters went through it. Then there was excitement when the book got heated by the actions and words of the characters on the page.

Sometimes I forgot I was reading a book and thought I was right there in the main action of it all. The wording jumped off the page.

I could not stop reading, the story line kept me seated to the spot to see what would happen next. There was a small slow down in the middle so I could catch my breath. There were twists and turns at every chapter that kept me interested in every word. The words were witty, colorful, and inviting. Keagan is a male character that will work his way into your heart without you knowing it happened. His family is too trusting for my own good to believe in, but they got under my skin and made me have feelings for them. Seah is and always will be the rebel in all of us. She goes her won way and fights for what she thinks is fair no matter if it is to stand up to her own father. You scream at the book to cheer her on just so she can do something you yourself is to affraid to do.


5 Stars

Quote: All the color drained from Keagan’s face as he read the note again. When reality finally set in, Keagan fell to his knees and crushed the paper in his hand and screamed to the heavens, “SEAH!

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