This is a great thing!

As an Indie author marketing can be hard, and no matter what you do it can feel like you are working against an impenetrable wall of thousands of other Indie books, some of which, where put out there by people who just decided to hit the magical “publish” button. It’s frustrating to see a book you’ve read and know is riddled with errors surpass yours. Even more frustrating to watch some of the things that hit the shelves by major publishers. I know that sounds arrogant, but there’s a little green eyed monster inside of us all, isn’t there? The thing to NOT do is sit there and just think about those “ideas” you have in your head. The thing TO do is to keep pushing forward and think of more things to do to put your novel out there. Keep emailing bloggers, Facebookers, and tweeters, most of all keep…

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