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It is because we love them so much that we lay our heart in their hands. So when they do not treat it delicately, instead choosing to squeeze the life out of it, it becomes fractured. A fractured heart almost impossible to heal the pain etched into that tiny little organ.

But there is mercy…
My name is Katy. I have been ripped apart and torn to shreds by past and present circumstances. Everything that I am had been tested, and faith is slowly fading away. I try to forget the past. I try not to let those events define my life. But the past, she just walked through the door, and she is about to test every limit that I can handle, and push me completely over the edge.
My life…just got real


The name of this book does explain this book more than any other name of a book that I have ran across. Fractured heart can be a feeling when you feel broken and can not be fixed. I believe, as a reader of this book, that the main character Katy, has felt this way for some time. She, as a character has gone through a lot.

Katy, the character, will pull at your heart strings until you rip out your own heart to give it to her so she will not be fractured any more. The character is in a lot of pain and you, the reader, will want to make it all go away so you don’t have to cry for her. You, as a reader, will want to save Katy. If not you, then someone worthy of her love that she gives with all her fractured her, which is why she is fractured in the first place. The story line of this book dealt Katy a bad beginning and you, as the reader, will want a very good happy ending for her to heal that fractured heart.

Who can fix Katy’s fractured heart? Read to find out….no spoilers here. 😉

* I got an ARC for a real honest review.*


Meet the Author

Krystle is a full time stay at home mom with a passion for reading and writing. Currently, she lives in Florida on an island with her husband and two young boys. Writing has always been something she loved to do, but she had to step away from it for awhile. Pursuing a career in Pharmacy was her dream. But, after five years working in a pharmacy, the pull to write was too great, so today she writes as if it were a living breathing part of her, and she loves every moment of it.

Fractured Heart is the first in The Redemption Series. It is also Krystle’s debut novel.
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