Young Adult Romance
Date Published: 1/2014

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group when her dad decides to move the whole family to the country so they can ‘bond’. Social death is looming, her shoes are covered in mud and all Coco wants to do is get herself back to her city friends. After all, things can’t get any worse, right?



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When I read the title. It got me to thinking. What would I want out of a book the had this title to it? Well, first it had to have rain in it some where to make the mud puddles. Maybe some romance thrown in for the love part. Well, you have to read to find out what was in it.

The storyline was of a teenage trials and tribulations, but a full grown up could get involved with this book. It does not have a real strong feel about it being teenagers, other than the characters. The plot line has twists and turns that kept me attached to this book until I was done with it.

The characters are well described and easy to understand their reactions to the plot line. The characters jumped off the page in a realistic fashion. They felt like they were real people that I was talking to. Instead of reading fiction.

*Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for a real honest review.*



Cecily Anne Paterson desperately hopes that someone will develop a self-cleaning house soon so that she gets more time to write. She should probably also teach her four children to cook for the same reason. Cecily creates true-to-life stories for young teenage girls, mostly because she never really grew out of being a young teenage girl herself. She grew up in Pakistan, went to boarding school in the Himalayan mountains and now lives a much quieter life in country New South Wales, Australia.

Twitter: @CecilyPaterson

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